Pete Short Photography

1st February 2023
It seems a long time ago now but in Autumn of 2021 we welcomed ​Pete Short and his Partner Jo to Stonechat Bothy to celebrate Pete's 30th birthday.

Pete captured some incredible images of the Bothy, the Croft and the surrounding landscape for us.

We have finally updated our website, thanks to the talented and very patient Marc from ​The Cuillin Collective here in Skye.

We've used Pete's images throughout the website and are so grateful to him and Jo for providing us with these beautiful autumnal images.

We hope they return, it was so lovely to meet them and get to know them. It would be great to see the same images of the croft at different times of year, and also see how the croft changes going forward. It woudl be great to take the same photos every month and create a slideshow of the seasonal changes we experience. There is something magical to enjoy in every season here.

Pete stitched together several aerial photos to create an image of the entire croft for us . We will use this amazing image as a helpful tool going forward. We can use it to count the individual trees growing on the Croft. Zooming in it is possible to distinguish how many trees we have of each species! Lovely to experience the same perspective as the birds flying overhead.
Stonechat Bothy, Drumfearn, Sleat Peninsula

with Loch Eishort behind

By ​Pete Short

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